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SageMaker Feature Store pricing


SageMaker Feature Store is full of questions for me, ever since I started working with it.

The thing which is absolutely not clear for me is about integration with Athena/Glue. Since there is no built-in option in FeatureStore to, for instance, get all records, or get records by criteria, I have to use AthenaQuery branched off the FeatureGroup for that purpose.

In case if I do something like

feature_group = FeatureGroup(name='<...>', sagemaker_session=sagemaker_session)

query = feature_group.athena_query()'SELECT * FROM <whatever> LIMIT 1000', output_location='s3://...')

Will I also be charged for querying Athena? What's about Hive? If yes, then what's the purpose of using FeatureStore? It's API is too poor for implementing continuous training, - I'm instead forced to use at least Athena, and, therefore, pay for the extra service besides I already pay for FeatureStore.

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Hi there,

To answer your question, yes you will be charged for using Athena to query Feature Store. There won't be charges for using feature_group.as_hive_ddl() since it's DDL.

Feature Store is a fully managed, purpose-built repository for ML features and while Athena is one way to query Feature Store, you can also get records from Feature Store using the Feature Store Runtime. This does not incur costs for an extra service.

answered 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
  • So, when I'm planning cost efforts in AWS Calculator, after calculating SageMaker Feature Store, should I also add Athena as a separate service, or it's already included in the Feature Store cost estimate?

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