IoT Events custom JSON payload not working


I'm trying to use IoT Events custom payload with Lambda action. When I pass a JSON list format data from input and use it in the Lambda Action with JSON payload the following error occurs:

We couldn't parse your content expression for the payload of LambdaAction. Enter a content expression with the correct syntax.

Code example:

{ lambda: { functionArn: consumer.functionArn, payload: { contentExpression: "{\"deviceId\": \"test\", \"applianceId\": \"another test\"}", type: 'JSON' } } }

The answer from not working. Did something change?

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1 Answer

I used the kind of content expression you have provided in the question and I could get the desired response with Lambda action.

    \"deviceId\": \"test\", 
    \"applianceId\": \"another test\"

Event received by Lambda is

Received Event is: {'deviceId': 'test', 'applianceId': 'another test'}

For the custom payload expression, you can specify the payload in following format for JSON payloads.

    \"variable1\": \"${$input.my_input.stringVariable}\", 
    \"variable2\": ${$input.my_input.numberVariable}
  • #input.my_input.stringVariable is returning a string, and
  • #input.my_input.numberVariable is returning a number

This translates into the following when the DM is exported or described via API.

    \\\"variable1\\\": \\\"${$input.my_input.stringVariable}\\\", 
    \\\"variable2\\\": ${$input.my_input.numberVariable}

May be you could try double-escaping the string values for creating the detector model from CLI.

answered 7 months ago

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