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Migrating AWS ses email identities from one aws account to another aws account


Hi, I have email identities configured in aws SES in one aws account and want to migrate those identities to another aws account. Is it possible to do? and do we have any documentation for that which can be referred.

Will the verfication email will again be triggered if it is migrated to new aws account?

Can anyone please help me with the clarification.

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The identities on SES could be verified in multiple accounts at the same time. Simply add your identities to another account and verify it. After the identities is verified in the new account, you can remove it from the old AWS account.

Besides, AWS SES do support sharing identities crossing account, for more information, kindly refer to this news:

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answered 4 months ago

Hi, follow the steps below. Before you can use Amazon SES to send email, you have to verify the identities that you plan to send email from

  • Step 1. Verify your domain
  • Step 2. Request production access
  • Step 3. Configure domain authentication systems
  • Step 4. Generate your SMTP credentials
  • Step 5. Connect to an SMTP endpoint

Hope that helps!

answered 3 months ago

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