Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues with Older RDS PostgreSQL Instances


Hello AWS Community,

I'm encountering a connectivity problem with my RDS PostgreSQL instances. These instances have been running for years without issues, but now I'm experiencing timeouts when trying to connect to them from outside AWS.

  • Two instances are configured as public with correct VPC and Security Group settings.
  • I've reviewed all configurations, restarted the instances, and tried connections from different sources.
  • Interestingly, I created a new RDS instance with the same settings, and it connects fine, but the older ones don't.

I'm seeking guidance to troubleshoot and resolve this issue with the older RDS PostgreSQL instances.

Any insights are appreciated.

Thank you,

  • Is the issue intermittent or is it inaccessible completely?

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I wanted to update everyone regarding the connectivity issue I reported earlier. It appears the issue has been resolved, and it was related to an AWS incident in the US-east-1 region. My RDS connectivity is now restored without any changes on my end

answered 6 months ago
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reviewed 10 days ago

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