How to Assign Elastic IP to Elastic Beanstalk Environment with NLB


When Elastic Beanstalk auto-generates resources, NLB is created with Network mapping for subnets with "Assigned by AWS" IPv4 addresses. How it would be possible to a associate Elastic IP to Beanstalk environment with Network Load Balancer for inbound traffic? (This is not to be confused with static "source" IP address in Beanstalk)

I reviewed related CloudFormation resources to see if or how I can make use of them but I am not sure if this can be applicable for Elastic Beanstalk environments.

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Unfortunately, AWS Elastic Beanstalk doesn't natively support associating an Elastic IP (EIP) with an NLB (Network Load Balancer). EIPs can only be directly associated with EC2 instances or Application Load Balancers (ALB).

However, there's a workaround using a NAT Gateway and VPC Endpoint. if you want i can create a to do list

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answered a year ago
  • Thank you very much for you answer. I could not think of a way to utilize this workaround. How it would be possible to use NAT Gateway and VPC Endpoint in this case? Please note that what I need to associate Elastic IP for "inbound traffic".

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