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AWS Transit Gateway attachment pricing


Looking for some clarity on how Transit Gateway (TGW) to Transit Gateway pricing works. Do we configure/price that as 1 attachment per TGW? Or 1 attachment total between the 2 TGW instances?

With regular VPC/VPN peering attachment, the same attachment is charged once, however with TGW - TGW, seems that we may be charging the attachment twice (1 per TGW).

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For Transit Gateway - Transit Gateway attachment pricing - I assume you are talking about TGW peering - This is charged to owners of each TGW. So there are two hourly charges. TGW1 per hour charge and TGW2 per hour charge.

For more info, see this link that has following included: "For peering attachments, each Transit Gateway owner is billed hourly for the peering attachment with the other Transit Gateway."

You are right, VPN/VPC is charged once.

In addition to above there are data processing charges per GB of data processed.

answered 2 years ago

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