AWS IoT Core and Fleet Indexing connected:false response



while I try Fleet Indexing, I found I always get a response of connected:false while the device is connected to the Iot core and publish message to iot core, anyone has faced this, thank you.


aws iot describe-index --index-name "AWS_Things" { "indexName": "AWS_Things", "indexStatus": "ACTIVE", "schema": "REGISTRY_AND_SHADOW_AND_CONNECTIVITY_STATUS" }

aws iot search-index --index-name "AWS_Things" --query-string "pm" { "things": [ { "thingName": "pm", "thingId": "{thingId}", "thingTypeName": "demo-iot", "thingGroupNames": [ "test_group" ], "shadow": "{"metadata":{},"version":1}", "connectivity": { "connected": false } } ] }

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If your client is using a different client ID from Thing Name when connecting to AWS IoT, the connectivity status of your "thing" will not be indexed by Fleet Indexing.

answered 4 years ago

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