Problems using the GameLift SDK with custom protobuf version


I am trying to implement the latest C++ GameLift SDK with my custom game engine and ran into some problems because I use protobuf for my own networking and the versions are different. There is a USE_SYSTEM_PROTOBUF make setting which I am using to provide my own version of it, the problem is that it is a different/newer version and the included generated header file is not compatible with it. What I need to fix this is the original sdk.proto file from which these are generated.

Also I am including GameLift into my own cmake scripts using ExternalProject_Add and doing this sioclient/sio_client.h which is included from Network.h can not be found because the include path that is used does include the "sioclient" part.

For now it seems to be working, after extracting my own version of sdk.proto from the headers and changing the path, but this will just break again with any update.

So I guess what I'd like to see for a next version is: Fixed include path and sdk.proto as part of the SDK and the proto header and cpp files generated from it at build time.

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Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback.

I have passed this on to the GameLift service team for their attention.

answered 5 years ago

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