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4K Live Streaming Solution - How to get there?


I am looking for a solution to provide 4K quality live streaming event. I tried IVS in free tier plan. Though there is 3s delay the video look smooth. I noticed 4K is not support in IVS so moved to use Media Live. I used the same equipments (laptop, cam, network, encoder setting etc... ) for the setup and also have CDN enabled. However, the video is obviously lagging and disrupted in viewer side. The quality is even poorer than IVS.

What is likely wrong on my setup in Media Live?

If I do use aws is it really possible to develop a solution to provide 4K quality live streaming?

Anyone know if there is any successful case?

My studio room is located in HK and the audience is mostly in HK. Is this location a limitation to achieve 4K quality live streaming?

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1 Answer

IVS does not currently support 4K UHD inputs or outputs. It is designed to have a low latency to viewer if the IVS player SDK is used. MediaLive can handle 4K UHD inputs and encoding 4K outputs. The quality and experience of delivering 4K streaming to viewers may be impacted by several components beyond just the streaming encoder.

  • Make sure the source you are providing to MediaLive is delivering a 4K stream with HEVC encoding and uses proper high bit rates to provide high quality video.
  • If you are hoping to provide 4K streaming to viewers, select HLS or DASH Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) renditions that provide a range of quality (Ex: 3840x2160p60@10Mbps, 3840x2160p60@8Mpbs, 1920x1080p60@6Mbps, 1280x720p60@4Mbps, etc: note: bit rates are just for example purposes)
  • Depending on the network connection viewers have, the higher 4K bit rates may not be achievable
  • HEVC encoding needs to be used for 4K UHD outputs and thus for the entire ABR stack.
  • HLS and DASH segmentation length will impact the end-to-end latency. Typical latency with these protocols is 3 x segment length + encode time + system delays.
  • Using MediaLive with ABR output protocols will have a longer latency that what IVS provides. IVS controls the complete end-to-end system and is optimized for low latency.
answered 7 months ago

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