Can't login due to error: "The email address you entered is associated with more than one account."


A few weeks ago I started getting this error when trying to login to the AWS console: "Email update required. The email address you entered is associated with more than one account. To proceed, visit and sign in to update your account with a unique email address not associated with any other account."

I'm not sure how my email got associated with more than one account. I've logged in with this email for years and suddenly this message appeared. I followed their instructions and changed the email address via (not the AWS console). If I try to login with that new address, it tells me that root login for this account is disabled and I must use an IAM user. I don't think I have any IAM users in that account. But of course, I can't verify that since I can't log in! If I try instead to login to the AWS console with the old address, it gives the same "Email updated required" error.

I filled out an AWS account support form online and selected the option "Unable to sign in". I've filled that form out 3 times in the last two weeks and no one has gotten back to me. I'm not signed up for technical support and i can't sign up for technical support since I can't log in. I was able to speak with a sales rep on chat. They told me they had escalated the issue with the account and billing team. I have heard nothing back from them.

I'm really not sure what to do at this point. A part of me is afraid the account has been hacked and I'll get a huge bill next month. I'm not even sure if I can delete the account if I can't log in to it. Maybe I'll just cancel the credit card and wait for AWS to complain to me that they're not getting paid. Any other ideas?

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I have to say, I've got a bad feeling about this :-( Is it definitely the AWS Console you're seeing this in, not AWS SkillBuilder or AWS Training & Certification - I know that logins for are not going to be able to login to the latter two after the end of this month, which would (kind of) make sense that this is happening to you now.

Though I also wonder if you have been caught out by this

Important: If your retail and AWS accounts share the same login information, then updating the email address for one account also changes the other account.

On the occasion that you made the email change, did you get to the AWS Console directly, or by using a link in an email (I'm wondering if you've been phished)?

Effectively you've lost access to your account, there is a whole bunch of options listed on this page but I guess you have been through most of them

Plenty of people who work for AWS look in on this forum, hopefully one of them spots your question and can progress it for you internally.

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answered 4 months ago
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes, I went to the AWS Console directly. I didn't click on any email links, so I doubt I've been phished. Yeah, I've seen that page. The main remedy they seem to have for a situation like mine is to fill out the form that I filled out 3 times already.

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