SNS Topic/Subscription created through Terraform not showing up


I'm trying to create SNS topics and subscriptions through Terraform and it appears to be successful when doing so. However, I can never see them in the GUI for some reason. I know that email subscriptions aren't fully supported through Terraform so I thought that may be the reason it's not showing up even though I receive the confirmation email, but I then tried another route using a CloudFormation template by following the steps in this link:

Same issue though. Terraform says it created the SNS topic/subscription and I receive a confirmation email. But when I go under SNS in the GUI as my root account, I don't see any SNS topics. Here's the code for the first test case I did:

resource "aws_sns_topic" "sysadmin_alerts" {
  name            = "sysadmin-alerts-topic"

resource "aws_sns_topic_subscription" "sysadmin_alerts_email_target" {
  topic_arn = aws_sns_topic.sysadmin_alerts.arn
  protocol  = "email"
  endpoint  = ""

Is there something I'm missing in the process to create these via Terraform?

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Hi Gary,

Have you ensured that the region you are looking at in the console, and the region that terraform is deploying to match? If so, providing the output if your terraform apply command may be useful.

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  • Well that was easy! I knew it had to be something obvious I was missing. ugh


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