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EBS Unoptimized Product


Hello Everyone, We have an AMI product on AWS and I have been updating the version as we make progress on our application. I have never changed from the way I have created the AMI that I am associating with the new version of the product.

Last night I tried to change the version of the AMI product and put in the new AMI and received the following error which I have never seen before and can't find any information on it on the interwebs.

Ebs unoptimized product This product does not support EBS optimized AMIs. Provide a new AMI that has EBS Optimization disable.

Did I click on something by accident that would make this message appear?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


1 Answers

Assuming you're referring to a published AMI product on the AWS Marketplace, I would recommend you contact via You may have made changes to the metadata used (EBS Optimized and/or PIOPS requirements).

answered a month ago

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