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How to update API Version that is being called for CloudWatch?


I'm using API Gateway to integrate with CloudWatch and when using majority of actions I get the following error message as the returned response.

"Error": {
"Code": "InvalidAction",
"Message": "Could not find operation DescribeAlarms for version 2009-05-15",
"Type": "Sender"
"RequestId": "828bf814-a81a-41d2-8560-f1f64b81d977"

This is happening as the API Version it should be using is 2010-08-01, I tried updating the HTTP Header with X-Amz-Target and putting 'GraniteServiceVersion20100801.DescribeAlarms' as the value in Integration Request but nothing changed.

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1 Answer

Under Method Integration -> URL Query String Parameters > I added Version as the name and '2010-08-01' as the value.

All actions are now working as expected.

answered 2 years ago

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