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I've created a simple PR against the repository hosted in my codecatalyst project (not an external repo).

When I try to merge it, it fails with the following message: The request was denied because an input failed to satisfy the constraints specified by the service. Check the spelling and input requirements, and then try again.

I've tried editing fields to make sure it's got a title, description etc. but seem to be stuck at this.

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There are a few reasons why a pull request (PR) may fail to merge: 1). Conflicts: If there are conflicts between the changes in the PR and the current state of the main branch, the merge will fail. You will need to resolve the conflicts before the PR can be merged. 2). Failing tests: To my little knowledge, some repositories may have automated tests that are run when a PR is submitted. If these tests fail, the PR will not be merged. 3). Review feedback: Another thing is that the repository maintainer(s) may ask for revisions or changes to be made to the PR before merging. If these changes are not done with, the PR will not be merged. 4). Policy-related issues: The repository may have certain policies related to merging PRs which may not be met by the PR. 5). Security vulnerabilities: If the PR contains any security vulnerabilities it will not be merged until it is fixed. It is good practice to check the repository's contributing guidelines and make sure that your PR meets those requirements. You can also communicate with the repository maintainers to understand the reason for the failure and how to resolve it.

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answered 2 months ago

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