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Incorrect storage for users on Workdocs



Users have 1TB on Workdocs site but when using Workdocs drive it only have 221gb.

I have 1TB to all Workdocs users but when using Workdocs Drive it says that my drive have a disk with 221gb available besides that it says I have 195gb being used. This users only use shared folders and have nothing uploaded. I don't know why I only have 221gb storage available on my drive and what is using 192gb being that I have nothing uploaded. How can I fix that?


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Thank you for your answer. It's to bad that we can't use the real storage on Workdocs Drive. The reason that I created this question is that before the problem related here I'm trying to upload a large amount of files (near to 280GB) to my WorkDocs site to backup purpose. What can I do in this case? How can I upload these files since on WorkDocs Drive reports the same disk usage and on webclient there is a upload limit?

answered 9 months ago
  • I have the same problem. I cannot upload a large file. Do you have a solution?


Hello! I investigated this with our WorkDocs team and I was able to confirm that as this time, the WorkDocs drive reports the same disk usage as the underlying OS disk where the user profile resides. I was able to reproduce this by attaching a WorkDocs drive on one of my WorkSpaces, which uses a 100 GB user volume. So WorkDocs shows the same utilization and free space as the underlying OS. You can view my screenshot here

I investigated further and I was able to see that there's a feature request to show the true size of Workdocs for a specific user. However, I would not be able to provide an ETA of when/if this feature would be implemented. I apologize for the confusion. Please visit the admin control panel on the WorkDocs web app which should show the correct disk space.

answered 9 months ago

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