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If I make a copy or share a snapshot from account A to account B, will they be "in sync"? For example, if the snapshot in account A is deleted, will it also be deleted in account B? Will account B also incur a cost if it receives the snapshots?

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Refer Cleaning up section at automating-copying-encrypted-amazon-ebs-snapshots-across-aws-accounts.

You can choose to automatically unshare shared snapshots after a specific period. If you do not enable automatic unsharing, the snapshot is shared until it is deleted. Unshare automatically can’t be enabled when count-based retention interval is less than 1 day.

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answered 9 months ago
  • Hey Abhishek, thanks for the answer! So an independent copy is not made from one account to another, what happens is that the snapshot is shared, correct? That is, the snapshot of the account that receives the copy will be linked to that of the source account and if the source account snapshot is accidentally deleted, it will also be deleted from the copy destination account, right? Is there a way to make an independent copy of a snapshot from one account to another? I'd like to do this to better secure my snapshots against deliberate deletion or account hacking.

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