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SKLearnProcessor Run() ConnectionTime Out Issue


We ran into the following error when trying to call SageMaker SKlearn Container using SklearnProcess run(). Also the current boto3 version is 1.20.23 ( there is a github post indicated an issue with one boto3 release 1.16 with timeout issue). Looks like a missing permission for STS service? Any other suggestions?

  • /opt/conda/lib/python3.7/site-packages/botocore/ in send(self, request) 416 raise ProxyConnectionError(proxy_url=proxy_url, error=e) 417 except URLLib3ConnectTimeoutError as e: --> 418 raise ConnectTimeoutError(endpoint_url=request.url, error=e) 419 except URLLib3ReadTimeoutError as e: 420 raise ReadTimeoutError(endpoint_url=request.url, error=e)

ConnectTimeoutError: Connect timeout on endpoint URL: ""

  • We added a vpc endpoint to the subnet hosting SageMaker to help resolve this timeout issue but it didn't work. Still go the same error

1 Answer

Issue resolved - it is network set up issue

answered 5 months ago

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