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/ReservedInstancesLimitExceeded error for a new account of existing organization/

ReservedInstancesLimitExceeded error for a new account of existing organization


I created a new AWS account in my AWS Organization. When I try to create a reserved instance in the account I get the following error:

"Error: Your current quota does not allow you to purchase the required number of reserved instances (Status Code: 400; Error Code: ReservedInstancesLimitExceeded; Request ID: 52e35efd-89aa-44ef-9794-026b1176d21b)"

Reserved instance details:

  • Region = us-east-2
  • Instance type = g4dn.2xlarge
  • Offering = standard
  • Quantity = 1
  • Payment terms = All Upfront

It's a new account so I do not have any existing instances in the account in any region.

When I go to limits, it shows that my "Reserved Instances" limit is 20.

I clearly have the limit available for reserved instances, so why am I getting this error?

1 Answers

This is an expected behavior for new accounts. To resolve this launch two t2.small instances and wait about 20 minutes. After that your quotas should be increased.

answered 21 days ago
  • Hi Mark,

    I created the new account few day back. I already have one on-demand g4dn.2xlarge instance running for the last 5-6 days on the account.

    Do I still need to run two t2.small instances for 20 minutes?

  • Hi Mark,

    I launched two t2.small instances and waited for a couple of hours.

    I am still getting the same error when I try to purchase the reserved instance

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