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Can I use AWS Marketplace to purchase 3PP licenses and then use these 3PP product to populate the AppStore Catalog in AWS Workspace?


To populate my AWS Workspace Product Catalog with 3PP software products e.g., AutoCAD, Adobe Premier Pro, so IT Admin can provision them to virtual desktops, I need to purchase licenses for those 3PP software first.

Should I go to AWS Marketplace to find these 3PP software e.g., AutoCAD, Adobe Premier Pro and purchase these licenses for use in my AWS Workspace (i.e., purchase license and install apps in the VM so my AWS Workspace can access them)?

If that is the case, do I have to go to AWS Marketplace to add licenses each time I need new licenses in my AWS Workspace?

Any info on this will be greatly appreciated. THANKS.

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I think there's some confusion here with AWS Marketplace and Amazon WorkSpaces Product Catalog. AWS Marketplace provides a new sales channel for ISVs and Consulting Partners to sell their solutions to AWS customers. Licensing of products such as AutoCAD and AdobePremiere etc. is not done through AWS Marketplace. You need to work with your company's IT department to obtain those license and software.

For installation of the software on Amazon WorkSpaces, you also need to work with your company's IT department/Administrator to obtain permission to install software. Unless your IT administrator has given you Administrator privilege to the Amazon WorkSpace to perform these task.

Based on your question, I would recommend to first contact with the IT Department and find out who's responsible for the Amazon WorkSpaces deployment for your company. Thanks

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answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks very much for your answer.

    I am the IT department/Administrator. For me to obtain licenses for AutoCAD, Adobe Premier Pro, Micosoft products or Quickbooks etc. for putting on the App Catalog of my AWS Workspace and installation, can I go to AWS Marketplace to purchase those licenses if they are in your AWS Marketplace?

    My next question is once I got the licenses either from ISVs directly or thru AWS Marketplace, do I have to upload it to a License Server before putting on my App Catalog in the AWS Workspace for them to run on any virtual desktop users' virtual workspace?

    Thanks again and look forward to more info.

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