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Interested to work for the Hyperledger Fabric setup under Amazon Managed Blockchain.

From one of the Use Cases for Financial Services:

  1. Are you referring that once the Hyperledger Fabric (Amazon Managed Blockchain) has been set up, I can directly issue the asset (such as Digital Asset in fiat currency value) and send it as payments to other networks (whose also using the AWS Network) too?

  2. Would the Amazon Managed Blockchain be easy usage for Non-Coders? Or is it a Must to have Chaincode to deploy and run? Is there a UI for us to Write/Read and Execute? Does AMB accept the Chaincode written in Golang?

  3. Do you know where I can find a list of payment networks that is also using the AWS Network and at the same time, accepting the transfer of Asset from Hyperledger Fabric?

Appreciate your guidance on the above.


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Yes, once the Hyperledger Fabric network is set up on Amazon Managed Blockchain, you can issue assets and use them to make payments to other networks that are also using the AWS network.

In terms of ease of usage for non-coders, Amazon Managed Blockchain provides a managed service that abstracts away many of the complexities of running a blockchain network, but some knowledge of blockchain and smart contracts is required to fully utilize the service. To deploy and run smart contracts (chaincode), you will need to have programming knowledge, but there are pre-built templates available that make it easier for developers to create smart contracts without deep blockchain knowledge. Amazon Managed Blockchain provides a console UI for network management, and you can also use the AWS SDKs or CLI to interact with the service.

Amazon Managed Blockchain supports chaincode written in Golang, as well as JavaScript and Java.

Regarding payment networks, I don't have access to a specific list of networks that are using the AWS network and accept asset transfers from Hyperledger Fabric.

answered 10 months ago

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