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/Moving to AWS Transit Gateway from VPC Peering/

Moving to AWS Transit Gateway from VPC Peering


How would an organization that currently uses VPC peering move to Transit Gateway given that the same routes that currently exist between VPC peers would need to be set up for Transit Gateway routing.

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You can use Serverless Transit Network Orchestrator to deploy hub and spoke model using Transit Gateway. There's an option to add Route to TGW, this will add route to VPC route table associated with the subnet but it will not overwrite existing route. So if you have route going to VPC peering that will not get overwritten.

You can deploy this and have default route or wider CIDR range (less specific route) under Default Route to TGW Example if you have -- VPC-peer1 and -- VPC-peer1in VPC route table, you can have under Default Route to TGW. Once the solution is deployed and you have correct route in place, you'll have to manually delete VPC peering route.

answered 2 years ago

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