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Failed to deploy application, new alive healthy instance declared dead


Since two days, I cannot deploy a new beanstalk application anymore.

The error messages on the event page are always the same:

  1. Failed to deploy application.

  2. Cannot complete command execution on the following instances as they are no longer running: e.g i-0bf4a8XXX.

  3. Command execution completed on all instances. Summary: Successful: 0, Died: 1.

  4. Deployment failed. Terminating new instances and temporary Auto Scaling group.

However, at 1.-3. i-0bf4a8XXX is up and running just fine. It serves requests. I can log in. I fail to detect any anomalies.

Ironically, at 3. and 4. the health dashboard complains about the incorrect application version being found:

Incorrect application version found on 1 out of 3 instances. Expected version "XZY" (deployment XXX). The incorrect version being the application version I actually do want to deploy.

I would be grateful for any pointers or ideas I am missing to resolve this problem.


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2 Answers

The issue disappeared. I can deploy again (actually the same code that previously failed). Possibly, an intermittent issue.. Thanks.

answered 3 years ago


It seems very unlikely for such an issue to occur, beanstalk should be aware of the instance running in the backend and based on the healthcheck performed, it will set the instance as healthy or unhealthy.

As of now, you mentioned that the deployment is working fine without any issue. If you face the issue again, please DM me the environment id and account id. I shall further look into it.

answered 3 years ago

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