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Does Amplify outbound bandwidth fall under the new 1TB/month Free Tier Data Transfer Expansion announced for CloudFront?


Last month, AWS announced an expansion of the data transfer free tier for CloudFront to 1TB/month and removed the restriction to the free tier being in the first 12 months after signup. Will the pricing for AWS Amplify change to account for this difference? AWS Amplify users are now at quite a pricing disadvantage as compared to using the unbundled versions of the underlying AWS services.

1 Answer

No, 1TB/month Data Transfer Free Tier only applies to CloudFront service and any traffic leaving CloudFront. AWS Amplify has different pricing, different billing dimensions, and it has its own Free Tier limits: (check pricing examples at the bottom of the page)

Amplify doesn't have the same data transfer usage and charges like EC2 or CloudFront. There is "traffic served per month" pricing dimension instead, which has its own Free Tier limits.

I hope this helps.

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answered 9 months ago

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