CodeDeploy, deployment failed after EC2 changed instance type



I had CodeDeploy setup which was working fine. My code is built into a zip file and stored in S3 bucket. CodeDeploy refers to this zip file for deployment on my EC2 instance.

This was working fine. But recently I changed my EC2 instance type from t3.micro to t3.small. Then CodeDeploy failed to do the deployment. The following is the error message:

The overall deployment failed because too many individual instances failed deployment, too few healthy instances are available for deployment, or some instances in your deployment group are experiencing problems.

Any idea of this error and how could I fix it?


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2 Answers

Found the codeDeploy agent status was Active Exited in the instance. Fixed the issue by doing the following:

1, uninstalled CodeDeploy agent in the instance
2, deleted the codeDeploy agent folder
3, installed CodeDeploy agent
4, restart CodeDeploy agent

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answered 4 years ago

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