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ECR region replication lags for multi-region EKS



    1. We have multiple EKS across many regions of the same account.
  1. Our images are uploaded to central ECR on one of the regions
  2. we have multi-region replication rule defined on that region.
  3. Our EKS start consuming the images ~2-10 minutes after they are pushed.


We want each EKS to pull images from regional ECR but


This warning from official replication docs is troubling us:

The majority of images replicate in less than 30 minutes, but in rare cases the replication might take longer.

It means that all EKS from the non-main regions will fail to pull images from regional ECR if the replication mechanism hasn't worked yet for that tag.

How can we solve it?

  • I found this controller that may allow us to configure failover to the main region, but I wonder if there is some official solution for this problem
1 Answer


Can you simply push your image to the different ECRs you have, this way you are sure that your image exists in the regions you are using and you don't wait for replication.

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answered 2 months ago

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