Error on browser to open "redis create cluster"


When opening the "redis create cluster" ( I get the following error:

elasticacheconsole-0.js:11058 Mon Mar 28 11:42:08 GMT-300 2022 
SEVERE: Uncaught exception (TypeError) : Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'e')
	at Unknown.TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined(Unknown)
	at Unknown.n$b(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.MS(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.sY(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.dkh(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.zY(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.dTg(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.QSg(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.TSg(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.Dmh(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.kYl(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.Pmh(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.orj(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.Erj(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.eval(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.Ggj(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.Jgj(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
	at Unknown.eval(elasticacheconsole-0.js)
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I have been trying to reproduce the issue with no luck. For me, the URL provided successfully opens the "Create your Amazon ElastiCache cluster" page, with no errors on the screen or Java Script console.

If the error persists for you, please try the following tests:

Thanks and let us know if you still have any trouble.

answered 2 years ago

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