How to extract request headers for APIGW using CloudWatch Logs?


I have created a Rest APIGW and created a log group in Cloud Watch and configured a logs in log format.

Now, making a get call to APIGW. In headers I am sending TransactionID. How to capture this header in Logs. Please find below attached screenshot. Enter image description here

I am able to capture rest of the logs. Is there any context variable to extract headers in log format?

1 Answer

In order to see Headers in APIGW logs you need to follow below steps

  1. Go to your APIGW ID
  2. Go to stages ===> logs/tracing
  3. Enable CloudWatch logs with INFO level logging and you must Enable Log full requests/responses data Execution logs for APIGW After configuring like above , you will be able to see the headers in APIGW execution logs

Attaching some references:

[1] ---,Set%20up%20CloudWatch%20API%20logging%20using%20the%20API%20Gateway%20console,-To%20set%20up

[2] ---

answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks for your comment.

    Actually I am trying to extract custom headers using Custom access logging. How to achieve this?

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