I am new to networking and servers. I want to GET data from the FTP client set up in AWS to the FTP server set up in the company LAN, but the FTP server set up in the company LAN has a local address. Question 1: What should I do to resolve the address? Normally, an FTP client is placed on the company LAN, and FTP communication is performed within the company LAN. After collecting the files, I think it would be good to PUT the data to the FTP server set up in AWS, but I think this is a special case. Question 2: Please tell me the most balanced method and server arrangement.

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So you will need to connect the AWS and Company networks together in order to use local addresses.
This can be done via Direct Connect or VPN.

The alternative method is to expose the company FTP server to the internet with a Public IP.
This could be done by a firewall which can also restrict access from your VPC (use EIP on NAT).
Once you have a public IP for the company FTP server you can use that to connect from the cloud.

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In addition to Robin's answer, you could also look at the AWS Transfer family to implement a FTP server backed by S3 or EFS.

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