Audio Input/Output Issues on Amazon EC2 Linux Instance.


I'm facing challenges while trying to access local audio devices like a microphone and speaker on my Amazon Linux instance running on EC2. Whenever I attempt to use audio functionalities, I encounter an error message stating 'no input device available.' I'm seeking assistance from the community to understand and troubleshoot this issue. how to resolve this issue and establish connectivity with local audio devices while working on my EC2 instance. Any insights or guidance on resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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From my knowledge directly accessing local audio devices like microphones and speakers on your Amazon Linux instance running on EC2 isn't possible. EC2 instances are designed to run in the cloud and are isolated from the physical hardware of the underlying host machine. This isolation provides security and scalability benefits but limits direct hardware access. If you still need to use audio services you can choose some third-party services like Pulse Audio, etc.,

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answered 2 months ago

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