Pinpoint : There are no long codes available right now for country AT.



I use AWS Pinpoint and get this error while I try to add a phone number:

Request Id e5bdddf8-444e-4ce1-804a-b503f59433c7 : There are no long codes available right now for country AT. Please try again in a few minutes or open a ticket.

Any idea what I can do? I tried it with different locations and have switched the pinpoint project from sandbox to production. Support is just sending me non-sens links which are not related to the problem and tell me to buy a paid support plan.

Is this a bug in AWS or can I do something here on my own?

Thank you :)

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I feel your pain. Last May we decided we would contact Support to ask for a long voice number for Spain. Three months later and no luck. In that same error message they ask you to open a ticket, but there is nothing they can do and it the end, like you say, they ask you to come to the forum or pay for a support plan.

They will ask you over and over again to do a test message first, but it is not possible to do so in the EU apparently. Any country you try, will fail. No numbers available anywhere. So you may end up in a catch-22 situation. I don't think the EU is supported at the moment for this.

Any conversation with Support will go in circles. At some point they did ask some legal details, so I guess it was going somewhere, just to contact me later about price changes, send the test message (again and again), etc. Did provide screenshots of all the steps to demonstrate it is not possible to create a test message in Spain (or any other EU country for that matter).

I hope I did something wrong or I am missing something, but after three months of waiting, we do have to look for alternatives. The whole thing looks half-baked in AWS, with errors like the one you have posted about that lead you nowhere.

Best of luck and let us know if you manage to get it working!

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  • Thak you for sharing my pain.

    I opened a lot of tickets and wrote again and again and finally I got one long code for SMS. But I fell very lucky to find someone who could help.

    I tried to get a new long code number which is voice enabled. Unfortunately I am stuck like you in this infinity loop. They want me first to send a test message but they don't understand that this is impossible without a number ...

    Can you recommend some other services? Pinpoint is very buggy at all and has 0 support. I also posted about there internal bugs on stackoverflow without getting any response. Only up-votes for my questions ...

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