How can aws IP can expire in running server??


i have django backend deployed into my ec2 server with elastic ip in my production server , this happened with me 3rd time now , the issue is while my server is running in elastic ip my connection just lost and i was not able to run my site chrome i checked my nginx logs it shows connection refused and connection timeout but then i did nothing just changed new elastic ip then it just worked fine please tell me what can be the cause

  • please clarify whether your production server goes down unexpectedly or your elastic IP loses network connectivity unexpectedly?. the workaround you found working, is by releasing the existing elastic IP and attaching a new elastic IP to the production server. you would like to know why swapping elastic IP resolves server connectivity issue. you can check if there is any exception to the Elastic IP basics covered here -

  • so if i clarify myself, my production server unexpectedly were down i restarted many times but nothing worked , just by changing the ip what makes him working fine again

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An already allocated elastic IP can't be reassigned, also if an IP is allocated to you, you can validate the same under Elastic IP section under EC2 service. Try to resolve the EC2 public endpoint to validate that it is still being linked to your EC2.

answered a year ago
  • let me tell u my end again, so ip was already assigned to production server it just goes down unexpectadly without doing anything, then i just released that old ip which was already running fine and added new ip but main concern is why my old ip not running for service ?

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