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WorkSpaces freezing upon WorkSpaces Client screen resize


Has anyone else had issues with WorkSpaces freezing upon dragging to resize the client? I have had this at multiple clients with multiple unrelated AWS environments. Doesn't matter what version of the Amazon WorkSpaces Client software you use.

Basically, what happens is:

  1. You log on, let's say with the WorkSpaces Client for Windows. Everything is fine.
  2. You drag the edge of the WorkSpaces Client to make the window of the application larger, OR let's say you go to Full Screen mode.
  3. The client simply freezes. The desktop does not immediately resize, OR the screen goes black.
  4. It stays frozen for about 5 mins, then magically the resize "catches up" and everything settles down and goes back to normal.
  5. It also happens if you use a zero client, but the WorkSpace was previously running in the WorkSpaces Client software (and sized for the client it was running on) and thus needs to resize again to fit the zero client. Or vice versa.

Hope I'm explaining this properly.

It does not happen on all WorkSpaces at all times. There does not even need to be any applications open. However, when it does start to happen on a particular WorkSpace, it is very repeatable on that WorkSpace for a considerable amount of time (like all day, or occasionally all week). Multiple reboots and it still recurs. Then on another day it might not do it at all, and resizes work fine on that same WorkSpace.

I can't think of any common denominator that these WorkSpaces have. Maybe ScreenConnect? Incidentally, if you view the desktop through ScreenConnect while this is happening, it remains “stuck” - you click on things, nothing happens - you can't really interact with it…but you can connect to it.

Interestingly, it does not disconnect the session. And if you send a reboot command it immediately restarts the WorkSpace, so it is still "alive" so to speak.

I'm curious to hear if anyone else has run into this.


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