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Cost of FSx backup


A customer is exploring the FSx HDD option. While looking at the cost of backup of FSx(, it seems the backup cost is higher then the actual storage cost. Like for single Az deployment , HDD storage capacity cost is 0.013per GB-month, while backup is 0.050 per GB-month, Is there any specific reason? Is it due to the fact that backup is going to be stored in S3?

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Amazon FSx backup storage is more expensive than S3 at-rest storage alone for similar reasons as why EBS Snapshots are more expensive than S3 at-rest storage alone - these are fully managed backups (meaning that the service takes care of all the heavylifting of moving data back and forth, organizing data on S3, etc.), they’re file system-consistent, they’re incremental, they provide a short recovery time (RTO) by enabling a quick restore with on-demand loading of data as it is accessed, and most importantly the price comes included with all the S3 requests/activity involved (not just at-rest storage). Also, this is line with backup pricing for all AWS services (EBS, RDS, EFS).

answered 2 years ago

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