Is it possible to assign an existing Network Load Balancer to an AWS EKS resource via annotations?


Is there a way to specify an existing Network Load Balancer (using its ARN) through [annotations][1] when creating an EKS resource. Currently, the service creates its own Network Load Balancer.

Having the service create an Network Load Balancer makes our deployment a bit more complex. This is because, the service requires us to dynamically connect the API Gateway to the Network Load Balancer, while the rest of the infrastructure is already created.

I could not find any information on assigning an existing Network Load Balancer to an EKS resource. Can you provide a recommendation for this use case? [1]:

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You can use TargetGroupBinding. TargetGroupBinding is a custom resource that can expose your pods using an existing ALB TargetGroup or NLB TargetGroup. TargetGroupBinding allows you to provision the load balancer infrastructure completely outside of Kubernetes but still manage the targets with Kubernetes Service. For more information, see [TargetGroupBinding][1]. [1]:

answered 3 years ago

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