Route 53 not displaying domain name.


Hello: My WordPress Blog website has been up and running on LightSail multisite install associated with Route 53 for 1 Hosted Zone to reference a personal domain.

How do I get the domain name to show in the address bar instead of the displayed Public IP address - ? Thanks in advance.

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Please do the below steps as mentioned in the link in order to register the domain and map the same to the A record. Link- -- [1]

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answered a year ago
  • Thanks for your guidance. A more accurate report is that the site displays ... followed by a line ... "Registration has been disabled" I have made changes to allow registration but it continues to not route directly to the homepage.

    Will review the document provided and update you accordingly.

  • So, as a review, I followed the documentation and my settings align except I have an added entry address (A) record to the DNS of my domain as, Without that entry, the name does not resolve to launch the website WordPress homepage.

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