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"If you can predict your need for Amazon DynamoDB read-and-write throughput, reserved capacity offers significant savings over the normal price of DynamoDB provisioned throughput capacity. You pay a one-time upfront fee and commit to paying for a minimum usage level at specific hourly rates for the duration of the reserved capacity term. Any throughput you provision in excess of your reserved capacity is billed at standard rates for provisioned throughput."

Is it possible to reserve capacity for DynamoDB without upfront commitment, like we can do in RI's with no upfront payment? Taking into account the text above it is not possible, but would like to confirm it.

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No, all DynamoDB Reserved Capacity has an upfront commitment. In some older regions you do get a choice of 1 year or 3 year terms, with 3 year having a deeper discount, but both have an upfront commitment. In newer regions you only have the 1 year option.

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