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Hi, I am trying to change the location of the mobile device in the AWS device farm by providing correct latitude and longitude but it's now working. Can you please guide me?

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You can specify the longitude and latitude coordinates, during the step of specifying device state. Please view the screenshot on Step 15 in this blog here. Moreover, if this doesn't help in answering your question, please share more details about the error you are encountering and is it pre-test stage, during or post-test run.

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answered 9 months ago
  • Hi Raheel, Really appreciate your help. I am uploading my android (apk) build which has geolocation specific data and selecting the test type as 'Built-in: Fuzz'. I am giving the coordinates as 'Latitude: 52.520008' and 'Longitude: 13.404954'. When the test finished running then in the video can see the time of Oregon instead of Berlin, Germany on the mobile device and also the US content is appearing.

  • Hi, I am discussing this internally and will update you shortly.

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