Is there a way to generate the network diagram to increase the visibility


I have created many instance A, B ,C - these 3 are under the same public subnet and the security group Instance D is under the same subnet but understand security group. Is there a a way to automatically generate an AWS perspective or AWS Architecture Diagram so that we can visualised them easily? 2ndly, is it possible starting drawing the perspective and getting generate the instance straight away from what we have drawn? Is it elastic beanstalk?

Edited( 30/12/2021 11:21pm) The network diagram generated can be more verbose. For example:

  1. Show the internet gate way
  2. Show the NAT gateway
  3. Show the routing table
  • You can connect to using a cross account role and have all the VPCs within the connected AWS account visualised as diagrams. Will show you the VPC, gateways, subnets and the resources in the subnets like EC2 instances, database instances, load balancers and so forth. They also have a security view that will show you the security groups, open ports and traffic ingress/egress points.

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  • Hi I have updated my questions, does it support? The network diagram generated can be more verbose. For example: 1) Show the internet gate way 2) Show the NAT gateway 3) Show the routing table


There are a couple different options available:

From AWS: and

Other available options:

There are non-free options available as well (non-exhaustive list):

Keep in mind that any non-AWS solutions will typically require you to deploy an IAM role that has access to view/read resources and possibly other infrastructure.

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