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My certificate request is taking a long time to validate


Yesterday, I bought two web addresses on AWS, then put in a certificate request. In the certificate request, I requested


and the auto-validation (not the email) choice

It's almost 20 hours since I entered the request, and the status is still "Pending Validation".

I've been reading a lot about CNAME. I haven't created any CNAMEs directly... I thought this would be done along with certificate issuance.

Is this normal, or do I have a problem? If I have a problem, what should I do about it?

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1 Answer

This was a CNAME issue after all. I deleted the long running request I had come here for advice on, and went through the process again... but a little more carefully. I went through and installed the CNAMEs for each domain before clicking "continue". Almost immediately my first domain name patterns were approved. Now all of my domain names are and the certificate has been issued

answered 3 years ago

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