Where is the metric for concurrency scaling credits for RedShift


When high priority queries sit in the queue for more than one minute, then (if configured) RedShift will automatically build out another cluster to offload some of these queries and get them processed. It is my understanding that if we don’t scale on a particular day, then we will earn one hour, up to 30 hours of Concurrent Scaling (ie a whole month goes by and we don’t kick in scaling.)

I would like to understand where I can see this metric for a RedShift cluster. Trying to visualize this amount of credits in CloudWatch.

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Amazon Redshift charges per concurrency scaling cluster second, with a 1 minute minimum per cluster activated. For the free hour of Concurrency Scaling per day, the way Amazon Redshift provide it is that the main Redshift cluster accrues 2.5 minutes of credit per hour. Credits are applied at the time of usage. Currently customer won't be able to see these credits in Cloudwatch. Therefore, it's better to check your metric "Concurrency Scaling Usage in Minutes (Sum)" in Redshift console to see if your Total usage has exceeded the free limit or not.

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  • thank you for that in depth answer. but I still have a question. does the concurrency scaling usage in minutes take the credits into consideration? Say for example I have accrued 2 hours of credits (my company has went two days without scaling.) on the third day, I begin to scale. Will the "concurrency scaling usage in minute" not begin to accumulate until after two hours of scaling (for which i have credits) OR will it begin to accumulate immediately and i have to just guess that the previous two days have accumulated credits and in my head keep track of credits vs. usage.

  • The usage metric will show the minutes a Concurrency scaling cluster has been activated and the total usage.

    If you are looking into ways to build cost controls to avoid concurrency scaling clusters to accrue to much usage on top of the credits you can use the cost control feature to set alarms or disable the feature if needed based on a threshold you determine. Please , read this blog post for detailed information: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/big-data/manage-and-control-your-cost-with-amazon-redshift-concurrency-scaling-and-spectrum/

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