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Documentation seems to state that QS can export data up to 1,000,000 rows. When attempting to export an analysis with 650,000 rows - the export shows as being "Limited to 100,000 rows" when exporting to Excel. The same export to a CSV file works, with the maximum row count of 1,000,000 applied. Is the Excel export actually limited to 100,000 - or is that limit being applied somewhere else? Many thanks!

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Hi, please see this article on exporting data from visuals on Amazon QuickSight.


Per the documentation: “Amazon QuickSight supports exporting up to 1 million rows or 500 MB of data, whichever limit is reached first.” It is to be assumed that while you are exporting less than 1 million rows, you may have eclipsed the 500 MB limit. Hope this helps.

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