Possible/Worth-it merging different AWS accounts into one AWS Organisation


Current situation: We have multiple AWS accounts, one per customer to make use of the free tier.

Question: Would it be possible in the future to merge these different AWS accounts into one AWS Organisation? being each AWS account an Organizational Unit.

The main reason to keep them separate at the beginning would be to make use of different free tiers. Reasons to put them later together into one AWS Organisation are Consolidated Billing (once the resources in each account are bigger) and easier management.

Also interested in hearing reasons to put them (or not) all in one account

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Hi There

Yes you can take advantage of AWS Organizations and consolidated billing by creating a new organization and inviting the accounts as members. You can create OU's to apply similar Controls and Policies to groups of accounts.

I would suggest getting started by creating a new account that will be used as your new Management account, and deploy Control Tower.. You can then invite each account to the Organization and enroll into Control Tower.

Please check out the Multi Account Strategy Whitepaper for benefits of using Organizations and multiple accounts.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks Matt-B for the fast reply! 2 follow-up questions:

    • when I "invite the accounts as members" will they keep all their cloud services (EC2s, ...)?
    • when they are part of the organisation will they lose their independent free-tier? and all the accounts in the Organisation will have one shared free-tier right?

    Btw Control Tower looks very interesting.

    1. When you invite an account to an organization, Organizations will create a service linked role in the account and all charges instantly become the responsibility of the Management account. All of your EC2 instances, S3 buckets, etc are not disturbed. See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/organizations/latest/userguide/orgs_manage_accounts_invites.html
    2. From https://aws.amazon.com/free/free-tier-faqs/ If you are linked to an Organization (under AWS Organizations), only one account within the organization can benefit from the Free Tier offers. To calculate the Organization’s use of AWS Services under any Offers, we will aggregate the usage across all accounts in the Organization.

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