AWS Connect instance creation via Terraform script


Hi, I am trying to create an AWS connect instance with the below script instance. tf file. I am getting the below error

resource "aws_connect_instance" "test" { Instance_alias = "second-instance-alias" identity_management_type = "SAML" inbound_calls_enabled = true outbound_calls_enabled = true }

**Error: error creating Connect instance (): Request context cancelled caused by: Context deadline exceeded. ** I have checked with the internal IAS team and they said that there was no issue on TFE as well as network side. Please let me know if the above script if missed anything ?

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This looks to be a terraform-related issue and not AWS. However, I did try creating an Amazon Connect instance the other day with a similar configuration as yours and it was working. I tried again today and it's still working. However, in both times, I used Terraform OSS. I suggest to save the logs and check your issue with Terraform team.

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answered 2 years ago

Hashicorp tooling is written in Golang. The error context deadline exceeded means that the expected time from the completion of an operation exceeded, and an exception was thrown. Hashicorp has posted a blog about this error that I would recommend you review:

Hashicorp Blog on context deadline exceeded (external link)

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answered a year ago

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