Can the output of the Textract in aws console for analyze_expense (pdf file) differ from the output of analyze_expense API called from the codebase?


Tried hitting analyze_expense API from the codebase and uploaded the same receipt in the AWS consoles analyze_expense form, I am getting different output in the console and the API call from the codebase

AWS console shows a better output of amount extraction than the API call from the codebase with the same API (analyze_expense)

is there any possibility of a different version of analyze_expense() API serving AWS console and a different version serving API integrated into our codebase?

I've noticed this behaviour with a few invoices and also can reproduce the same

can someone please help with this

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1 Answer

Thank you for trying out our product. To better assist you, Is it possible to share the document being used ?

answered 2 years ago

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