Error installing Android app (browser) that is already preinstalled


I want to run tests in a specific version of the Chrome browser, and the device (e.g. Pixel) has a specific version (e.g. 67) preinstalled. (this is an example - the same applies to e.g. the Samsung Internet browser on Samsung devices)

Now I want to install a specific newer version (e.g. the 76) to run my tests in, so I specify it as an auxiliary app. During setup, installation fails with error "Package is already installed as a default system app".

I expected this to work like it does with "adb install", or even "adb install -r -d" which allows downgrading versions as well.

Is it on purpose that you do not support updating system apps? Do you have a recommendation how to work around that?

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We don't officially support sending different Chrome versions as auxiliary apps; but, I see you're all ready using custom environments. You could install it manually during the Install phase.

You could do this via downloading it in session, something like

curl URL_TO_APK  > /tmp/chrome.apk
adb install -r /tmp/chrome.apk

Or you could embed it into your test zip file and install it from there

adb install -r $DEVICEFARM_TEST_PACKAGE_PATH/chrome.apk

Let us know if you need any more help.

answered 5 years ago

Works great, thank you!

answered 5 years ago

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