Aurora mysql data retention


Hello All, We are planning to use aurora mysql. Want to understand, how should we take care of the data retention policies here. For example, for S3 storage we have option to set it directly, to when it should move to the deep glacier and when to purge permanently etc. But similarly in case of Aurora mysql database, not seeing any such option, to how we can move the data (which must be underlying S3 standard storage), to S3 glacier deep archive and finally purge it based on business set retention period?

  • Is there any setup possible at database level to have these retention defined?

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Others may comment here, but it seems to me, you are relating the aurora mysql storage directly to the S3 which is not be correct. They can have different set of retention policies. S3 is just a storage service where as Aurora is a database and its storage might or might not be S3.

answered 6 months ago

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