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/Looking for an easy way to bulk delete SQS queues and SNS topics/

Looking for an easy way to bulk delete SQS queues and SNS topics


When we started out with Rekognition we had a ton of SQS queues as well as SNS topics created automatically. I'm looking for the best and or easiest way to bulk delete these resources. Hoping someone here has an answer or at least some insight.

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Make a python scripts.

First do a list_.... (inlcuding paging) collecting all the arns or names of the resources).

Then make a loop to delete them one by one.

For queues:

queues = []
token = None
while True:
  if token == None:
    response = client.list_queues()
    response = client.list_queues(
  token = response['NextToken']
  if token == None:
for queue in queues:
  response = client.delete_queue(
answered a month ago
  • Has this worked for you in the past? I have tried this before and didn't have any luck.

  • Scripting has worked for me in many cases. Not specifically queues or topics. Usually you would setup the topic/queues using CloudFormation/terraform/cdk (IaC) and the tool would take care of properly (batch)destroying. I added the code for queues (including paging which you might have forgotten in your previous attempt).

  • Question though: you see using Rekognition these queues and topics got auto created? You mean by using the Rekognition console?

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