standard Global Accelerator ec2 instance endpoint, which ENI does the traffic go to?


so if I use an EC2 instance as an endpoint in global accelerator, if that ec2 instance has multiple ENIs attached to it, which does the traffic appear on?

Where is this essential piece of information documented? I can't find anything about this. I would obviously like to be able to PICK which ENI I want the traffic dropped onto, I suspect the answer is the Primary ENI only....

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I was also curious and tried to find the document, but could not get any leading information.
One way to check is to remove permission rules in all ENI security groups.
If you then add a permission rule only for the security group of the secondary ENI and the connection is not successful, you would be communicating using the primary ENI.

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answered 9 months ago
  • well, yes, that's a strategy for "figuring it out" but I would like to see a documented answer to the question and more importantly, a way to pick which ENI the traffic goes to. When selecting an instance the UI could easily let you pick ( or change post-setup ) which ENI the traffic goes to. Heck, maybe it shows up on all of them as things stand. I don't want to have to spend the time and money to reverse-engineer an answer to this simple and essential configuration detail.

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