Are ec2 instance types unique per account?



in our app, we present list of instance types thus we need the full list of types before user proceeds with launching it. The AWS API provides calls to get list of all instance types, but it is an extensive list (currently about 550) which means to do 6 API requests because of the 100 elements limit. The workaround would be to globally fetch the list of instance types for each region daily and present the very same list to all our accounts, but the question is - can be instance types responses different per individual accounts?

I can imagine a situation when a customer pays some special plan where different kind of instance types are available. So I want to double check before we commit to any kind of backround job that would pre-fetch instance types on a daily basis.


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Unless an account is part of a preview for a particular instance type then the list will be the same for all accounts.

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  • Really appreciate the response, do you have any link that would prove this? I mean, everything looks that it is just like that (common price lists, everything seems to be pretty transparent in docs and even SDK/API has all the type names hardcoded). Just want to find any official word on this.

  • Naturally I also think that types can differ per region, that is pretty logical. Thanks!


The available instance types can vary within a region, one AZ has the instance-type and another AZ within the same region does not. To further complicate things, each account has a different AZ mapping, AZ1 in Account1 may be AZ2 in Account2. For example:

aws ec2 describe-availability-zones --query AvailabilityZones[?ZoneType==\`availability-zone\`].ZoneId --region us-west-2
aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --location-type availability-zone-id --filters Name=instance-type,Values=t1.micro --region us-west-2 --query InstanceTypeOfferings[*].Location
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answered 3 months ago

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