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/Moving DNS hosting from external to AWS Route53/

Moving DNS hosting from external to AWS Route53


We have an App hosted on AWS and our DNS is hosted at a different provider (cPanel). We are currently evaluating to move DNS hosting and homepage hosting from cPanel to AWS Route53 in order to make DNS management more easy. We are struggling with the cost estimations. We pay annually 97€ for hosting of two main domains + approx. 5 sub domains including the hosting of our homepage using WordPress at cPanel right now and I need to understand the costs for moving to AWS Route53. Any help on getting at least an idea of the costs is highly appreciated.

Best Regards, falk von Rönn

1 Answers

You can review AWS Pricing here and use the calculator to estimate the cost you will incur based on you usage.

answered a month ago
  • To be honest this is exactly what I did. But it is still not clear to me how the pricing works!

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